About the Artist

I started drawing and creating at the age of 8, that is where I first found the love for drawing. It wasn't until High School that I started to establish "my style". After graduating high school, I began taking care of my creations, and looking into schools like The Art Institute, Platt College, and Cal state Long Beach. These plans never happened, being the oldest of 6 for a single parent. After high school I did art pieces for Transitional Aged Youth center (TAY) and shared "how to draw" activities during my employment with the after school program Save the Children. After I had my first child, I began looking into ways to make a side income doing art. I struggled creating and maintaining quality pieces due to working full time jobs, many of the pieces were drawn by your average pencils and markers, and then held in a Jansport style backpack. Fast forward to the last few years I have recently built a following using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, getting smaller commissions, and community projects. Recent projects have included Art shows, collaborating with Musicians and former Disney Artists. These collaborations that I have created are awesome conversations and I would look forward to creating something on their level.

My art style seems to prioritize creativity and originality. My art style is heavily influenced by pop culture and cartoons, which creates a bold and fun approach to art. I enjoy the blend of different genres and techniques to create something new and exciting also demonstrates a commitment to experimentation and innovation, which are indicators of aesthetic excellence. Overall, my art style seems to value the balance between technical skill and creative expression, resulting in high-quality work that is both visually appealing and emotionally engaging.